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If you already have a photographer in mind, the next thing that you should look out for is their portfolio. Many can say they are experienced photographers, but you should always ask for evidence to back the statement.

You can see a photographer’s skills through the portfolio. Look and ask about their style and make them explain to you how they will be able to capture the moments. In this way, you can see if the photographer is a good fit and measure if they can do what you want them to capture.

Not Producing a Shot List

A shot list is the photographer’s basis for understanding your requests on what you want as the outcome of your pictures.

A great way to start a shot list is to pick the photographs you need and the ones you like for your upcoming event. Give a general outline of the event, so the photographer can understand what you want for the shoots. The clearer the understanding for both of you, the easier it will be, along with better results.

Not Cooperating with Your Photographer

Photographers are knowledgeable, trained, and this is their field of expertise. Not cooperating or trusting your photographer is depriving yourself of good results.

As such, you must listen to your photographer during the shoot, listen to them, and execute what needs to be done accordingly. Your actions and willingness to cooperate during the shoot will definitely make a positive impact on the outcome.

Not Keeping the Same Photographer

It is different for every occasion and everybody. However, after you go through lengthy efforts in searching for a good photographer, not keeping in touch with the same one might be a disaster or a gain.

This will only apply to some occasions you have, but it is essential to stick to the same photographer, especially if you both understand each other well and you are keen on the consistency of style and quality.


Celebrations like weddings or any important moments might only be celebrated once in a lifetime. You should make the most out of it. Naturally, one will go the extra mile to ensure that the special day is captured perfectly.

This is why knowing the common mistakes in hiring a photographer is necessary. So that you would be able to find a great one without too much hassle and spending bucks unfittingly.