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Now or Never…

Family member bereavement had made them postponed twice. They have waited 7 years for this day to happen. Come hail or high water, Anthea will walk down the aisle. Today, Anthea and Tony are both very emotional because they wish their mums were there to share their memory. Instead, Tony both brought a little something to their wedding. The ring cushion was made by Tony’s mum. She was there by their sides.

On the other hand, Anthea did something I didn’t expected. She actually made me nervous because she was 30 minutes late to the ceremony. I did noticed she was a little nervous because she woke up this morning going oh gosh ‘IT’S REALLY HAPPENING TODAY!!’. I thought she got cold feet!! Yikes! During that 30 minutes, Anthea went down memory lane by requesting to be driven passed her mum’s old house. However, Tony was confident she’ll turn up eventually. That’s what I call true love.

I am truly lucky to share their beautiful day. Here are some photos.