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Wedding of the year! This is the wedding no one wants to miss. Everyone who know Emma and Neil has been waiting for this day to happen ever since they’d known them. They all want to see Neil or Emma walking down the aisle. They were all too happy to help celebrate the newly wedded couple with plenty of singing, dancing, and drinking! In return, the bride, groom, fathers of the bride and groom has given all of us a good laugh and some very candid photo opt. Awesome speeches guys!

There’s only one very important person that couldn’t make it to the wedding so we brought the wedding couple to her. She really wish she could be at the church but her health prevented her from attending. So after the church ceremony, the bridal entourage stopped by Neil’s grandma’s home. Along with Neil’s Auntie, she waited so eagerly for the newly wed to arrive. She also wore purple, which is the wedding theme colour. I’d captured a beautiful moment Neil shared with his grandma. I think this is a very precious memory for Neil and Emma’s wedding day.

You know you’re born in the 70s when you recognised and swayed to all the songs played at the reception (as per requested by Emma herself, 80s and 90s song only). Good food, great songs and awesome companies. Boy oh boy, they sure had a good night. Xoxo