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Stacey and Daniel met through a dating site 4 years ago and inseparable ever since. From the speeches I heard from family and guests, and ‘poster’ I saw at the reception, I think Stacey is a calming influence for Daniel. He has evidently left his bachelor lifestyle behind since he met Stacey.

When the gang get together, the party is ON! I have to say this wedding party is one of the craziest I ever met, which also means the celebration was fun and comical. This is my first wedding at the Mackay Golf Club and it just happens that the groom and his groomsmen are all avid golfers. You don’t know how happy I was to receive this bit of info. That means I get to have some fun shooting this wedding. Time for some creative shots! (Another bucketlist checked!)

Stacey and Daniel may be the bride and groom but the star of the day is their little boy, Jackson. He is a photogenic little fella and happy to pose for photos. Some of the cutest photos that day wass of Jackson and his pretty little friend.

Thank you Stacey and Daniel for the opportunity to photograph your wedding day. I’m truly honoured that you’d chose Liz Andrews Photography. Stacey you’re one very organised bride. 6 months and you got everything down pad. Very well done Mrs Duplock!

Xoxo Liz