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Kristie and Daniel wants to make it official but wish to keep it low key in a small and simple wedding with close friends and families only. Kristie is very organised. She booked everything a year ahead and all good to go. About 2 months before the wedding, I was informed they are expecting their 4th child and the wedding is going ahead regardless. I’m relieved and glad at the same time because nothing beats a surprise to spice up a wedding shoot. LOL

In addition to the ceremony, Kristie and Daniel decided to reveal the gender of their baby after they have been pronounced husband and wife. The boys and all the guests were excited to see the colour of the balloons that is going to pop out of the box. YES, blue for baby boy! Congratulations guys!

Taking wedding photos with their 3 photogenic boys made it so fun and so much more captivating. Credit to Kristie and Daniel as the boys are good listeners and do whatever they were instructed to do. Thank you so much for a fun day.

Xoxo Liz