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I knew Tameika’s family for a number of years and met Tameika a handful of time whenever she came back to Mackay to visit family. Then one day, her Nonna told me she’s engaged. The description of this man who’d captured Tameika’s heart is very impressive indeed – i.e. good looking, tall, olive skin, buff, kind, a gentleman, polite etc. etc. = a good catch who look like a Hollywood star. In my head, I’d envisioned this man resemble ‘The Rock” Dwayne Johnson!

Anyway, thats that and I haven’t thought anything of it since the engaged couple lives in Brisbane.

Then one day I received an inquiry for my wedding packages from a young man name James via Facebook. After an exchange of messages, I decided to check him out. I find it very intriguing when the groom-to-be (not bride-to-be) is the one making inquiry about wedding photography packages. That’s a BIG tick in my book. Looking at his Facebook profile, I noticed that we have a mutual friend, Debbie. I had a light bulb moment and realised his Tameika is Debbie’s daughter! Yes, of course my next step is to satisfy my curiosity to see if James look like ‘The Rock’! I wasn’t disappointed and totally approved the match to our Tameika.

When I met them in person, (OH MY, his eyes is so mesmerizing! ) I can see why Tameika fell in love with this man. The story about how they met is like in a romantic movie.

Picture this: She’s having coffee at a local cafe, ignoring the world, reading her book. He came over, asked politely if he can join her for coffee. He introduced himself and she found out he also have family in Mackay. They talked and talked and talked for hours. And then they live happy ever after.

Our path meant to cross and I was meant to photographed their wedding. For that I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate this happy occasion with Tameika and James. Congratulations and thank you for having me.

PS: You ROCK that dress Tameika! >>> Liz’s wishlist : check!