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I hardly take photos for myself. So when I’m traveling I indulge myself, unfortunately still in photographer mode. Composing for the perfect picture means I spend hours in one area but I walk away feeling satisfied. Passer by looked at me funny because sometimes I’d be lying on the ground, shooting into the sky, crouching, 5 cm from the flowers etc.

I’d just recently gone home to see my mum in Kuching, Malaysia. I figured since I already in the area and it has been over 10 years since i’d been to Singapore, so I’d decided to stop over for 1 night. Yeah, 1 night is all I had and can afford to. I had about 36 hours so I walked and walked and walked. Clocked over 13k steps on the first 12 hours and 16k steps on the next day. I had backpack weighing over 10 kg and 2-3 shopping bags in my hands. (Yeah, I’d been told I never do anything light). All so worth it though. Great exercise!

My stroll started from the Marina Bay Garden, which is so vast, so exciting, so much to see, 6 hours is not enough, and that doesn’t even cover half of it. Dinner at the roof top of The Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Magnificent view *sigh* and superb food. And the next day the journey continue with a visit to the ArtScience Museum, the Singapore Eye, and lastly the Marina Bay boat tour ride. My adventure ended with the final shot of the infamous, must see, Merlion statue.

Well, it’s great to catch the traveling bug but that requires a bit of money. Wanna donate to Liz’s travel fund?? LOL

Oh i grew up listening and singing to this short and sweet Singapore nursery song. So I’d like to share this lyric with you.

Singapura, oh, Singapura,

Sunny island sets in the sea.
Singapura, oh, Singapura,
Pretty flowers bloom for you and me.
Come along join the song in merry singing,
Blend our voices,
Join in the chorus.
Singapura, oh Singapura,
Pretty flowers bloom for you and me.

Xoxo Liz