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All throughout my photography career, I have always seen the eyes as both mysterious and powerful. We have all heard it said that the eyes are the window to the soul. People also say that the eyes are a reflection of the true essence of the person.

The eyes can also be a powerful tool of communication. During my photography sessions, I have always been sensitive on how people show their consent through their eyes. Some people stare right into the camera and enjoy being captured. Some also look away when I express interest. This might come from the fear of being vulnerable. In my view, however, all that vulnerability creates carries with it a meaningful and heartwarming honesty.

Eye contact gives a bit more agency to the subject, as it implies that they were somewhat aware of the image being made. This is not always the case, but if they are aware of the photographer’s presence, they are aware of the possibility for an image being made. The existence of a world beyond the frame can allow for so many things, and it maintains an ambiguity and intrigue that stay with the viewer. Additionally, eye contact can be strong enough to create an emotion that stays with the viewer too but makes the restrictions of the frame more apparent.

Eye contact has always been desirable in any genre of photography. It automatically amplifies any emotion, whether it is affection, assertiveness, criticism, doubt, fear, or hostility. For this reason, photos of people looking right into the camera are so compelling. We can’t help but stare back and try to see right into their psyche to figure out who they are.